If you are building a blog as a way to generate leads and build your influence in the internet marketing world.  I want to share with you what happened to me this week and why I think it is an important lesson to learn.


Too often when we start out and start generating leads for our business.  We become very excited when people start enquiring about what we do and when people start seriously considering us as someone they want to partner with and want to join under us in a particular opportunity.


And let’s think about this….why would you not get excited about, this is what we wanted right?


…People finding us on the internet, liking the content and value we are providing and then wanting to join our team.  It’s natural, we are humans and we like the feeling that someone likes what we are doing and think we are doing something right.


But here’s what happens…


…About the same time as you start generating a consistent number of leads, is about the same time as you become extremely BUSY.  I mean we are already busy spinning plates, managing our lives, families, businesses, personal stuff, but now this marketing stuff just seems to be taking over.  The webinars, the courses, the twitter, the Facebook ads, solo ads, training material, blog comments, emails…


…And on and on


And it is important throughout all of this that you remember your core principles of what kind of business you are trying to create?  What are your values?  Who do you want to associate yourself in? Who is your target audience?


But what tends to happen is people want to join you, because they see how good you are at spinning plates and making stuff happen and want to learn everything they can from you.  Whilst this is flattering, it is also going to zap your time and energy.  So you have to set some boundaries that you aren’t going to be at their beckon call.

always have a choice

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From my own personal experience, it is easy to want to teach newbies.  And there is nothing wrong with that. But newbies are time and energy zapping, because they have so many questions and needs and if you are building a business you have to be very clear about how much time you are going to put into YOU and how much time you are going to put in to helping others.


Now don’t get me wrong 9 out 10 times I am happy for people to join me in my opportunities, but every now and again you get the feeling that this 1 person is going to be so time zapping that it is not going to be conducive to growing your own business.


As a ‘Leader’ it is important that YOU build your business with people that have the similar core values and principles as you.


This week I received an email from someone who was trying to see what I could DO for them.  They asked me 8 questions and I want to share with you my answer to them.  I am not going to reproduce the email in its entirety because I respect the person’s anonymity but I want you to get an idea of the questions they were asking, so you too might recognise the questions should you ever encounter such a request.


The questions ranged from their ability to call and text me, the hours I would be available to them including weekends. What other businesses I was involved in.  How big my downlines were? How many calls, emails and texts did I receive daily from people inquiring about doing business with me? Did I have an assistant to help communicate with my teams? Did I have a Facebook group and do I do webinars devoted my team….


…And Exhale


This was my reply…


Thank you for your email.


It is important that you always make the right decision when joining new opportunities in fact it is something I have taught many times especially in respect of finding the best sponsor for you.  However it is important not to get caught up in the minutiae and be clear that it is not what I will do for you that will make you a success but it is what YOU will do for yourself.


It is on that basis that I will not be answering all of your questions.  Not because I am being evasive, but because some of the questions are irrelevant to you becoming successful.


1.) You will not be able to just call me up or text me.  I am happy for people to make an appointment to connect with me.  However in most instances the answers you need will be easy to find, it may just be that you need pointing in the right direction


2.) I endeavour to respond to emails within 48 hours.


3.) I don’t have set hours.


4, 5, 6, 7) All of these questions are irrelevant in determining YOUR success.


8.) I have my own FB group and I am extremely active on social media, I provide a lot of value in various forms, via my emails, webinars, blog posts BUT I do not do company specific webinars as it is important that I am not tied to one opportunity.  The companies I am involved in provide ample webinars and training.”


Kind Regards,


Beth Hewitt.




So now I will stop ranting.  For those who know me well enough, you know how accessible I am on via social media and I am all too happy to help.  But you have to make boundaries and you cannot be taken granted.


People unfortunately get blinded by the fact that you make money when you sponsor someone and therefore forget that you always have a choice.  You are a business owner and you have a right to build your business with people who have the same core principles and values as you.


Don’t become slaves to your opportunities and remember the reason why you are building your business in the first place, was so you didn’t have to be constrained by others.




What is your experience of setting boundaries and maybe sponsoring someone that isn’t in alignment with what you want for YOUR business? How do you handle these pressures? What would you do?


I’d love to get your thoughts on this,


To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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