If you had the pleasure of heading to my site in the last week or so, on either a tablet or mobile device you might have been a little shocked by what you saw.


My blog was well and truly hacked.  Despite all the security, it seems for some hackers, where there is a will there is a way and whenever someone tried to access my site they were greeted by some unsightly images of scantily clad ladies doing some….


…Well you get the idea!


After going back and forth with my host for the best part of a week and having to reply to oodles of messages and emails from my
friends and followers.


Which I am sooooo grateful for by the way


Enough was enough and so I headed over to the guys at WPFixit.com



Images Courtesy of   [Kittikun Atsawintarangkul] Free Digital Photos.Net

Who are WPFixit?


In their own words… If you have a WordPress issue driving you mad.  WPFixit will sort it out for you.


Whether you are having:

  • Platform issues
  • Theme Issues
  • Plugin Issues
  • General Issues
  • Or maybe Boyfriend or Girlfriend Issues? (Joke!)

Let WPFixit fix it for you.  Even if you aren’t sure whether they can sort your problem out for you, at just $39, if they can’t sort you out they simply refund your pennies.  So you literally have nothing to lose.


Here’s what you do.


Simply create your WPFix It Ticket. Leaving all the details the fixers will need. This might be your wordpress dashboard login details or if things were bad like mine,  and you are no longer able to login, they’ll need you FTP or Cpanel details.

Next submit your payment.  Once they have received your payment the fixers will get to work.

The WP Fixers will strive to resolve all issues within 2 hours.  They actually sorted me out within 30 minutes and because I was so impressed with them, I asked them to change my theme, which they did extremely swiftly.


Why I was so impressed.


  • It was a bank holiday weekend and the fixers were very quick and helpful
  • The correspondence whilst they were working on my site was really easy and useful
  • They went above and beyond what I had asked them to do
  • They were affordable
  • I had a great customer service experience
  • They fixed my site
  • I now have a new look secure site.




If you have any niggles on your wordpress site right now and don’t want to lose any sleep, I highly recommend WPFixit.  They will be my one stop shop for all things wordpress related in the future. Quick, efficient, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

I would love to hear your experience of working with WP Fixit, or perhaps you use another great resource.  What do you do when your site is being icky?


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