Where to find images for blogs

In my blog post Pretty Pictures for Your Blog, I wrote about the importance and benefit of using picture and imagery in your blog.  Today I want to share with you some really cool and totally free websites of  where to find images for blogs to get your blog looking fabulous.

Please be mindful that each site has its own requirements and just because it says it is free in the monetary sense you should still be giving credit and acknowledgement to the image designer – after all they did take them time to create it and then let you have it for free.

So here is my top 4 resources, in no particular order of where to find images for blogs.


This is one of my favorites  just because they have so many high quality pictures and I usually find what I want every time.  They also make it easy for you to attribute the image to the designer by giving you a nifty little piece of html.

Where to Find Images for Blogs

Where to Find Images For Blogs



Probably my second favourite because they have so many images.  The downside for me is that you have to login to access the pictures.  Which might sound a bit of a silly thing for me to say, but I like to do things quickly and if you haven’t used the site for a while, or you haven’t got you passwords remembered well it can be a little bit annoying.  But it’s hardly the end of the world.

Where to find images for blogs

Where to find images for blogs


This is a nice easy to use site.  The downside is that they don’t have a big library of pictures.  I think this is one to watch I am sure it will grow in size.  However I did a quick search of a popular keyword ‘dog’ and only got 3 images all of which I wasn’t able to use.  One was a dog poo bin! And the other two were prairie Dogs in a zoo.  But if you doing a blog post on dog fowling this is the one for you.

where to find images for blogs

where to find images for blogs

Pixel Perfect Digital

I really like this one and I don’t use it as much as I should.  Nice high resolution pictures and lots of image choice per keyword.  You need to be mindful that when you search for a keyword it also brings up shutterstock images which you do have to pay for so make sure you are looking at the free images.  I also love that you can search by colour, which if you like design like me is a really great feature.

Where to find images for blogs

Where to find images for blogs

There are other sites, but these are my top 4 and you don’t need too many resources.  Let me know if you use any image directories that I haven’t mentioned above. Hope this gives you some ideas of where to find images for blogs

What’s your best way to find inspiration for your next blog post?  Have you got any good ways to get your brain cells buzzing?  Please comment and share this post if you have found it useful. 

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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