Brute Force WordPress Login Attempts

You may have been noticing some strange goings on in the world of WordPress in the last few days and weeks.  My immediate thought was that the planets were realigning in the skies and clouds were hovering with intent.  Stupid idea Beth, you might think but then check out my horoscope…..

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Libra (September 23 – October 22) You’re all about the Easter Eggs and the Shampoo, and there’s no compromise sharing the chocolate and luscious long locks when it comes to YOU . You may embark on a 30 Blog Post Challenge during this period. If you do your social skills may reach an unprecedented level of effectiveness with the enterprising Aries New Moon on April 10.  However, mishaps are a foot in the world of wordpress and you should tell your followers what to do next….”[/features_box_azure_blue]

I know!…

But in all seriousness.  Yesterday I received an email from my very good friend Kimberly Castleberry.   If you are not on her list than you really should check her out.  She is a a real gem, who knows her stuff when it comes to the technical side of WordPress as well as Social Media and Facebook more specifically.

Here is what Kim said in her most recent newsletter.

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“Virtually every web hosting company is currently under attack for the second time this week.

Earlier this week, a lot of hosts had some outages due to a DDOS attack. That’s something only the host can handle.

This time however, the attackers are using a Brute Force Login attack and that is making your sites very vulnerable. (I mentioned WordPress but this actually could easily affect any hosted script.)

If you’re not already using a WICKED GOOD password, now is the time to fix that.

And if you still have an account on your blog with the user ID of “admin” now is the time to fix that!”


 Kim advises to install the free, stable, well-trusted plugin called “Login Lockdown” It’s a well known security plugin highly needed at this moment. Even if you don’t usually bother with security. Install & activate and it works instantly.

 If you need anymore information on the plugin and why you need to be using it, check Kim’s blog in a couple of hours.  You’ll find it at 

And if you want more information on what is happening generally head here:

Please leave any questions you have below, don’t overlook this, it is very important.

 Stay Safe and Keep Blogging,


P.S Be sure to go thank Kimberly here and tell her I sent you 🙂

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