If you are getting regular comments on your blog – congratulations you are creating compelling content!  But being a consistent blogger isn’t just about writing blog posts regularly, it’s about the interactions with your friends and followers, responding to comments and really listening to what your readers have to say.


Should I Reply to Everyone?

Try as much as possible to respond to every comment.  Obviously you will get spam, so you don’t have to respond to those, but if you start to see regular visitors returning again and again, or perhaps you have seen them in your social spaces.  Be sure to respond to them and find out more about them and their needs.  A great plugin I use to ensure that my blog commentators get a reply email when I respond to their comment, is ‘ReplyMe’ which is contained in the Commentluv Premium plugin.

Importance of Responding to Friends and Followers

Importance of Responding to Friends and Followers

I seldom get rude or negative comments, but I do know that some people are scared to blog because of them.  If you do get any, don’t delete the comment hastily.  Sometimes sleeping on a comment and thinking of the most constructive response can be a very positive experience after all everyone loves good customer services.  

For those shall we say, not so nice comments…let’s just say, you cant please all of the people all of the time.  So don’t sweat too much.  The people who love you will let you know – and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, I was reminded yesterday how important responding to your friends and followers and replying to your blog comments really is.  Check out this video to find out how my daughter reacted when her favorite You-Tube idol, responded to some fan art we had created.

I would love to know your experience of building relationships with your friends and followers, have you had any positive experiences you can share with us?

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