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Commentluv Alternatives

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received a number of messages from other bloggers who have been having problems leaving a comment on my blog.  There seemed to be no pattern to it.  Some bloggers comment and then others would… Continue Reading →

Things I learnt from Eddie the Eagle

  A few nights ago, I sat down to watch a ‘feel good’ movie with Leigha.  It was a present that Leigha had got for Christmas and after another crazy food shop before the new years eve antics.  It seemed… Continue Reading →

Why you should write funny blog posts!

I don’t know about you. But 2016 has been one heck of a shit-head.  I’m really sorry for cursing.  I literally never swear but seriously what the heck just happened.  From family illnesses, surgeries redundancies you name it, 2016 you’ve… Continue Reading →

Accountability Allies

I’m introducing a new thing! If you are in my Simple Blogging Network Community Group. You might have seen that I’ve added a new image asking members to share their goals for the month ahead. I believe that when you… Continue Reading →

Introducing SimpleBlogHour

​ Introducing #simplebloghour About a month ago I started a little experiment to see whether I could get my own #twitterhour working on Twitter. In this post I want to explain to you, what #Simplebloghour is, how it work and… Continue Reading →

WPFixit – Fixed It…

If you had the pleasure of heading to my site in the last week or so, on either a tablet or mobile device you might have been a little shocked by what you saw.   My blog was well and truly hacked.  Despite… Continue Reading →

I feel the Heartbleed Under My Feet…

I feel the Heartbleed under my feet… I feel the Sky tum-b-ling down, tum-b-ling down! OK maybe not the exact words. But it’s true, with all the talk about Heartbleeds, it certainly might seem like the world is falling around… Continue Reading →

Push, Pull, Push, Pull

. I want to discuss today the importance of developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that encompasses a complete push and pull strategy. What the heck are you talking about Beth? Let’s say all you did when you created content… Continue Reading →

Why Bloggers Should Join a Blog Post Challenge (PART 1)

​ *Warning!!* I can’t be held responsible for the blatant bias or is it biased you will find in this blog post. Of course I’m going to tell you to join the challenge…I’m the extremely funny, attractive and the talented… Continue Reading →

Thrive Content Builder

​This is the first public post I have written with the new WordPress editor Thrive Content Builder.But it’s not my first sentence.  I’ve written this 3 times now.Each time I’m learning something new about this cool editor.  But like anything… Continue Reading →

Creating a Blogging Schedule

In an ideal world you would get up each morning knowing exactly what you are going to write about, because you’ve filled your blogging schedule in and it’s packed with inspirational content for your lovely subscribers for the month ahead…. Continue Reading →

Why Bloggers Should Consider Facebook Advertising

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you know my primary marketing method is blogging.  I love to write and engage and connect with people through my writing, I do a lot of social marketing to syndicate my content and I… Continue Reading →

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