Stupid things to Ask a Blogger

  So there seems to be this trend, especially in the internet marketing world that you have to have a blog of some description and whilst I am a blogger and I love blogging as my platform, it doesn’t mean… Continue Reading →

Too Busy to Blog

Hello Busy Bloggers So you might have noticed that I haven’t done a blog post in a couple of weeks and I wanted to let you know why, but then that got me thinking that this happens to us all,… Continue Reading →

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas. OK being a bit silly here, but blog comments ARE important all year round and here’s why…. Have you thought about how important Blog Post Comments are for your blog?  In a… Continue Reading →

Blog Visitors Over for Dinner

Blog Visitors Over For Dinner One of the first quests bloggers have, is trying to GET and KEEP blog visitors on their site, but this really is only half of the battle.  Once you get your blogger visitors,  at your… Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Post Challenge Time – April 2013

The Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge Can you believe its been a whole 3 months  since the January 2013 Blog Post Challenge and here we are again getting ready to ramp up our blogging effort and… Continue Reading →

Is your Blog Niche Broken ?

There are two common mistakes that bloggers often make. 1.) Not figuring out a blog niche, or… 2.) Figuring out the wrong blog niche. It’s OK, when this happens, we are all at different stages in life and our personalities, interests… Continue Reading →

Let’s get Personal (with our blogs!)

Committed bloggers will most probably have a regular blogging schedule, perhaps blogging on a certain day of the week or a number of times in a week.  If you don’t have a blogging schedule you should get yourself one.   However,… Continue Reading →

Be the WORST blogger you CAN be!

….Not! So I haven’t said NOT since 1996, but there is a time and a place for everything and I thought 2013 was as good as any to bring out the ole teenage in me.  Remember being an annoying teenager,… Continue Reading →

Content Content Content

So as I was hanging out in a Networking Superstars hangout last night and the subject of content curation came up.  For those of you not familiar with the term, content curation it is in essence a process of sifting… Continue Reading →

Blogging for Leads or NOT?

Blogging for Leads for your Home Based Business? Are you are already using your blog to generate leads?  If you are – that’s great and I hope you are using a great system to convert your leads in to paying… Continue Reading →

Have you got the X Factor to be the next BIG Blogger?

How to be a successful blogger I thought now would be a great time to think about how to be a successful blogger.  There are many bloggers out there. Thousands of new blogs are started each and everyday.  But what… Continue Reading →

The Simple Blogging Network Best Blog Sites Rundown!

Best Blog Sites Some people ask me where I get my ideas from. I did a post on unique ways to generate blog post ideas the other day, but I also frequent a lot of ‘blogging’ type sites because well… Continue Reading →

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