Accountability Allies

I’m introducing a new thing! If you are in my Simple Blogging Network Community Group. You might have seen that I’ve added a new image asking members to share their goals for the month ahead. I believe that when you… Continue Reading →

Time Management and Bloggers

In this post I want to talk about Time Management and Bloggers.  I’ve been a blogger for a long time now and there have been times in the past when blogging and running a business have totally consumed my life. If you… Continue Reading →

Howdy blogger and business peeps of the world.  Beth here and I’ve been gone for a very very long time! Sincerely sorry  about that.  I’ve had a lot going on, mostly good with a few little annoying things.  But I’m… Continue Reading →

How to Write a Blog Post in 25 Minutes

Well almost!… One of the biggest frustrations bloggers have when they first start out, is the time it takes to not only  to write a blog post, but edit, upload, optimise, tag, research and make it pretty. As I enter… Continue Reading →

Push, Pull, Push, Pull

. I want to discuss today the importance of developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that encompasses a complete push and pull strategy. What the heck are you talking about Beth? Let’s say all you did when you created content… Continue Reading →

Forgetting how to blog

Have you ever stepped away from your blog for longer than a week and wondered how you were ever going to be able to get back to producing another piece of content ever again? It is easy done. We all… Continue Reading →

Why Bloggers Should Join a Blog Post Challenge (PART 1)

​ *Warning!!* I can’t be held responsible for the blatant bias or is it biased you will find in this blog post. Of course I’m going to tell you to join the challenge…I’m the extremely funny, attractive and the talented… Continue Reading →

Creating a Blogging Schedule

In an ideal world you would get up each morning knowing exactly what you are going to write about, because you’ve filled your blogging schedule in and it’s packed with inspirational content for your lovely subscribers for the month ahead…. Continue Reading →

Why Bloggers Should Consider Facebook Advertising

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you know my primary marketing method is blogging.  I love to write and engage and connect with people through my writing, I do a lot of social marketing to syndicate my content and I… Continue Reading →

Re-Syndicate Your Blog Content

Do you leverage your blogging effectively, know how to re-syndicate your blog content?   I mean you write a blog post, you might share it a few places and maybe before that, you did some SEO so that hopefully sometime in the future… Continue Reading →

What to do When YOUR Blogging Wheels Fall Off

What To DO When Your Blogging Wheels Fall Off. Every now and again, life gets in the way and we fall of our horses or something happens unexpected. Perhaps you get ill or just lose your mojo.  But what can… Continue Reading →

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