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Howdy blogger and business peeps of the world.  Beth here and I’ve been gone for a very very long time! Sincerely sorry  about that.  I’ve had a lot going on, mostly good with a few little annoying things.  But I’m… Continue Reading →

Re-Syndicate Your Blog Content

Do you leverage your blogging effectively, know how to re-syndicate your blog content?   I mean you write a blog post, you might share it a few places and maybe before that, you did some SEO so that hopefully sometime in the future… Continue Reading →

Makings of Great Blog Post

The Makings of Great Blog Post So as we pass the first full week of the blog post challenge and having read so many amazing blog posts from lots of awesome bloggers, it got me thinking about how to write a… Continue Reading →

The Blog Post – Tomato Technique!

One of the frustrations that many bloggers have is being unable to write a blog posts quickly.  So today I want to share with you a totally free tool that can help you really focus on those tasks you need… Continue Reading →

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas. OK being a bit silly here, but blog comments ARE important all year round and here’s why…. Have you thought about how important Blog Post Comments are for your blog?  In a… Continue Reading →

Why YOU should keep your blog sheets fresh!

  OK so bed sheets aren’t the same as blog posts.  But in each case, it helps when they are nice and fresh.  It makes the home feel better, just like it makes your blog home happy too.  Not only… Continue Reading →

It’s the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge Time – Woohoo!

The Simple Blogging Network – Blog Post Challenge I can hardly believe 2013 is here already.  I am super excited, I say this every year, but I have a really good feeling about this year.  And this year, to really… Continue Reading →

{Breaking News} World to end next week instead?

Only Kidding! But today let’s talk about capturing people’s attention and engaging with your readers. Let’s start right at the beginning. How do we get people to want to read our stuff? And that could be either reading your catchy… Continue Reading →

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