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Google Gone Gaga

  Well hello there….   Nice of you to stop by, you will have to excuse my ignorance.  You see I have no idea who you are or where you came from, or even the words you typed in Google… Continue Reading →

How to Be a Better Blogger

Today I want to speak to you about how to be a better blogger.  Now the principles that I am going to cover really apply to anything, but since you are bloggers, well I wanted to speak to you personally…. Continue Reading →

Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Blog

How to add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Blog  In this post I would like to share with you how easy it is to add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Blog or Website.  By  adding a simple bit… Continue Reading →

Thank-You For Being My Friend.

If you are getting regular comments on your blog – congratulations you are creating compelling content!  But being a consistent blogger isn’t just about writing blog posts regularly, it’s about the interactions with your friends and followers, responding to comments… Continue Reading →

30 Blog Post Ideas – for Any Niche!

30 Blog Post Ideas – for Any Niche! One of the biggest challenges that many bloggers face is being unable to come up with ideas to blog about.  It can be one of the main reasons why bloggers give up. … Continue Reading →

Be Consistent: Be Seen

Why Consistent Blogging Is Crucial Ever have one of those days when the same theme seems to keep coming through.  I’ve had one of those days today.  Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of telling me something.  Today the universe wants… Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Post Challenge – August 2013

The Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge Wow another whole 3 months have gone by and it’s that time when we get all excited about the next 30 Day Blog Post Challenge and guess what I am… Continue Reading →

The Blog Post – Tomato Technique!

One of the frustrations that many bloggers have is being unable to write a blog posts quickly.  So today I want to share with you a totally free tool that can help you really focus on those tasks you need… Continue Reading →

Stupid things to Ask a Blogger

  So there seems to be this trend, especially in the internet marketing world that you have to have a blog of some description and whilst I am a blogger and I love blogging as my platform, it doesn’t mean… Continue Reading →

Too Busy to Blog

Hello Busy Bloggers So you might have noticed that I haven’t done a blog post in a couple of weeks and I wanted to let you know why, but then that got me thinking that this happens to us all,… Continue Reading →

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas

Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas. OK being a bit silly here, but blog comments ARE important all year round and here’s why…. Have you thought about how important Blog Post Comments are for your blog?  In a… Continue Reading →

Why I’m Using Empire Avenue in My Blog Marketing Strategy.

Why I’m Using Empire Avenue in My Blog Marketing Strategy. What is Empire Avenue & Why do I need to know about it? Empire Avenue is social networking and a social stock market game allowing you to buy and sell shares… Continue Reading →

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