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Why Bloggers Should Consider Facebook Advertising

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As you know my primary marketing method is blogging.  I love to write and engage and connect with people through my writing, I do a lot of social marketing to syndicate my content and I… Continue Reading →

Wordfence Review

Why Bloggers need Wordfence So as you know I am not a technical blogger and so I seldom do review on anything technical but I wanted to share with you my experience of using Wordfence over the last week.  … Continue Reading →

Vulnerable Blogging

  As I write this post, know that the words that I write are being channelled to me. I know not what I wish to share with you today, but I know that whatever I do share will have been… Continue Reading →

Exercises for Bloggers

  Exercises for Bloggers  So almost 5 weeks in to the new year and you’ve already given up on the exercise regime that you said you were going to stick to on the 1st of January. I get it… The… Continue Reading →

Evergreen Blog Post Challenge

I am excited to announce the launch of the Evergreen Blog Post Challenge. Yes, after 13 months of learning and growing, it’s time to release the challenge that never ends and that you can take advantage of all year round…. Continue Reading →

Megaphone Review

Cool Tool Alert.. Megaphone Review I don’t do too many product reviews but this one  I just couldn’t wait to shout about.  I recently had the chance to acquire a 12 month trial with a company called Megaphone.  They are… Continue Reading →

Re-Syndicate Your Blog Content

Do you leverage your blogging effectively, know how to re-syndicate your blog content?   I mean you write a blog post, you might share it a few places and maybe before that, you did some SEO so that hopefully sometime in the future… Continue Reading →

What to do When YOUR Blogging Wheels Fall Off

What To DO When Your Blogging Wheels Fall Off. Every now and again, life gets in the way and we fall of our horses or something happens unexpected. Perhaps you get ill or just lose your mojo.  But what can… Continue Reading →

You Always Have a Choice in Business

If you are building a blog as a way to generate leads and build your influence in the internet marketing world.  I want to share with you what happened to me this week and why I think it is an… Continue Reading →

Monetise YOUR blog with the JVZOO affiliate plugin

Monetise your blog with the JVZOO affiliate plugin. I love JVZOO! There you go, I’ve proclaimed MY love, so if you are looking for an impartial not bias or is it biased review, there’s a big possibility that might not… Continue Reading →

6 Things Mediapreneurs Can Do in the Car

Fairly random headline I know! First of all, I have pinched the term Mediapreneurs  from the Awesome David Siteman Garland who I believe coined the term whilst in the shower!   For those of you who don’t know David and… Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Post Challenge – November 2013

The Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge YAY.. It only seems like yesterday but here we are only 2 weeks away from the start of the next 30 Day Blog Post Challenge.  As always I am super… Continue Reading →

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