4 Ways to Improve Social Sharing on Your Blog


So you spend ages, researching, writing, editing and proofreading your content.  You post it on your blog and a few other places and you expect your fantastic masterpiece to go viral.


You go to sleep, soooo very very pleased with you self…


…only to wake up in a cold sweat that you forgot to add some fundamental things to your blog, to make it ooze awesomeness.


Yes you missed a biggie!


Making Social Sharing a Dream on Your Blog!


Let’s take a look.


Share Blog Content

Share Blog Content

#1: Social Sharing Buttons

If you have a blog you need to have social share buttons, if you don’t you are dramatically decreasing you chance of getting your content shared and seen by more people.  There are lots of great social share plugins and buttons to choose from.  You simply need to think about the kind of social share buttons that will best serve your community and blog followers and also look great on  your site.


#2: Create engaging content

Of course the best way to get people to share your content, is to create content that ticks a few boxes.  Whether that’s funny, value packed, unique, succinct, easy to understand, helpful.  Next time you create a blog post, ask yourself what makes this content shareable, why would someone want to share this with others?


#3: Use images, memes and infographics

Using imagery and content on your blog, makes your content more interesting and more likely for others to share. It’s good to remember that people digest information in many different ways, so it’s good to try and ensure that you meet as many different needs as possible.  Plus it breaks your content up, makes it look more visually appealing can convey so much than words, when used in the right way.


#4: Make It easy to comment

One of the biggest bug bears I have is a blog that a) doesn’t allow you to comment at all.  Or b) makes it ridiculously difficult to leave a comment with crazy logins and capture pages. If a reader is struggling to leave a comment, they are sure as heck not going to then share your content.

Unless they are super nice and have the patience of a saint!

I recently had a conversation with a blog owner on twitter, they said they have comments, turned off on their site to control spam.  How crazy is that!  Don’t give in to the evil, find a way round it, invest in a better spam filter.
What’s the point of a blog, with no comments!


The great thing about comments, especially if you use a system like commenluv, is if people write a really great comment, they will want to share your post as they will be getting exposure from sharing it too!


Are you making it easy enough for other people to share your blog content?  Have you experienced frustration when trying to share content with your friends and followers?

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