Do you leverage your blogging effectively, know how to re-syndicate your blog content?


I mean you write a blog post, you might share it a few places and maybe before that, you did some SEO so that hopefully sometime in the future you might get some clickty click clicks from the wonderweb and someone might magically end up on your site!


Re-Syndicate Blog Content 

One of the main skills a blogger needs is the ability to produce content, but sometimes we forget about the oodles (nice word) and oodles of content that we have already created.


And it’s just sitting there on your blog, being nice and quiet….


…Ever thought about re-syndicating your blog content?


Watch this short video about how I re-syndicate my content.

So what do you do to leverage and re-syndicate your blog content? Have any sneaky tips and tricks?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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