I want to discuss today the importance of developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that encompasses a complete push and pull strategy.

What the heck are you talking about Beth?

Let’s say all you did when you created content was PUSH content about events, products and services that you want to sell to your potential customers. After a while, your audience can’t hear if you have anything of value anymore, because they are tired of the same repetitive speak.

You’ll know the type, the shouty man in the Facebook Group. The spewer-upper on their Facebook wall. The e-mail marketer that has never stopped to ask how you are. The twit on twitter that has been regurgitating the same tweets since 2006 about the BEST, LEAD GENERATION SUPERDOOPER OFFER of the CENTURY.


Push marketing simply means to push out content one way.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to create income online, then push marketing is going to work, but only in and amongst a balance of PULL.

push and pull

push and pull

So what is a PULL content strategy…?

You might have heard of attraction marketing and it’s actually very similar. In fact I would argue that Pull marketing is a form of attraction marketing. When we talk about PULL we are actually talking about creating content that draws people to YOU. That is engaging, thought provoking, enlightening, interesting, funny, vibrant, and different!

My end goal is not to generate leads, but to build long lasting relationships with people. People that feel like they know me, that resonate with who I am and the content I create.

That will take notice of my recommendations when I have them...
....that will laugh at my failures and cheer at my successes.

...That will comment on my content, will share it, will reach out to me and feel that they can approach me and ask for my help...

Who can simply click reply to an email even if they have never been in the same room as me?

I want to PULL people towards me, not in a forceful cajoling way. But in an I have something interesting to share with you, kind of way. I want to be attractive enough and inspiring enough to allow people to make a decision to come take a peek at what I have.

And so, when you next look at developing you content marketing strategy. Be sure to consider whether you are incorporating both PUSH and PULL in your strategy.

What are your thoughts, do you have a nice balance and push and pull? Have you heard of marketing and content referred to in this way? Let me know your thoughts below and please share the post if it has been helpful to you?

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