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What Blog Communities do YOU hang out in?

  Best Blog Communities  I have blogged previously about the importance of building communities online and how you can do that successfully, however have you considered tapping into some existing solid blog communities?  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Instead of just working on… Continue Reading →

The End is Here – Prizes and What to Do Now

  April’s 30 Day Blog Post Challenge is Coming to an End 🙁 Wow what an amazing Blog Post Challenge April turned out to be. Over 120 Bloggers registered and took part.   I really hoped you enjoyed taking part,… Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Re-purposing YOUR Blog Content!!

Understanding Blog Content Terminology In the next few blog posts I want to concentrate on the subject of repurposing content.  What, I hear you cry?! Well before I get into that I am going to start by doing a really… Continue Reading →

Bloggers Attention!!! Recruit Like CRAZY

A lot of my readers and blogger friends are in the home based business and internet marketing industry.  If that sounds like YOU, this post will be up your street.  If you are not interested then apologies my normal blogging… Continue Reading →

Blog Visitors Over for Dinner

Blog Visitors Over For Dinner One of the first quests bloggers have, is trying to GET and KEEP blog visitors on their site, but this really is only half of the battle.  Once you get your blogger visitors,  at your… Continue Reading →

Where to Find Images for Blogs

  Where to find images for blogs In my blog post Pretty Pictures for Your Blog, I wrote about the importance and benefit of using picture and imagery in your blog.  Today I want to share with you some really… Continue Reading →

Pretty Pictures for YOUR Blog

Pretty Pictures for your Blog If you are new to blogging, finding pictures for your blog might not be at the top of your agenda right now, you might be still trying to figure out what words you should be… Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Post Challenge Time – April 2013

The Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge Can you believe its been a whole 3 months  since the January 2013 Blog Post Challenge and here we are again getting ready to ramp up our blogging effort and… Continue Reading →

Is your Blog Niche Broken ?

There are two common mistakes that bloggers often make. 1.) Not figuring out a blog niche, or… 2.) Figuring out the wrong blog niche. It’s OK, when this happens, we are all at different stages in life and our personalities, interests… Continue Reading →

Finding Influences for your blogs brand

Finding Influences for your blogs brand Your blogs brand isn’t just about writing about the same things and having a pretty logo that makes you stand out from others.  It’s also about building relationships and networking with other people in… Continue Reading →

Let’s get Personal (with our blogs!)

Committed bloggers will most probably have a regular blogging schedule, perhaps blogging on a certain day of the week or a number of times in a week.  If you don’t have a blogging schedule you should get yourself one.   However,… Continue Reading →

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