Monetise your blog with the JVZOO affiliate plugin.

I love JVZOO! There you go, I’ve proclaimed MY love, so if you are looking for an impartial not bias or is it biased review, there’s a big possibility that might not get one.

Who is JVZOO and how do I marry him?

JVZOO despite my feelings for it, is not a man, it is an awesome digital marketplace where product vendors can sell their products and internet marketers can quickly and easily become affiliates and promote a wide range of products.

I have used it successfully as a vendor and an affiliate. If you have ever joined one of the Simple Blogging Network Challenges you may have noticed that it was done via the JVZOO platform.

My reasons for loving JVZOO are many including:

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  • It’s FREE to become an affiliate and to start making money
  • It’s FREE to become a vendor and to start selling. There are no upfront costs and JVZOO only takes a small percentage from each sale.
  • There are 1000s of products that are easily searchable and to choose from to help you monetize your blog and niche.
  • As a vendor it is easy for affiliates to find you and promote your products.
  • You can notify affiliates when you have new products available for sale.
  • JVZOO makes your downloads secure so only buyers can access them.
  • You can sell products even if you don’t have a blog, with JVZOO’s instant generator.
  • You get paid direct to your Paypal account, (sometimes instantly) when you make a sale.
  • You can easily see how many clicks and sale you have made.


So I could go on and on, but I’m not actually doing a review so I wont.

Now let’s look at the JVZOO affiliate plugin because this is pretty cool.

Once you have downloaded the affiliate plugin you, you simply need to go in to the settings and add your unique affiliate code. The plugin will then pull through the feed of all the products that you have been accepted to promote. You then simply select the products you want to show up on your blog. If you aren’t yet an affiliate head here, it’s quick and easy to get going.

Now every time you create a new blog post, you will see there is a JVZOO option on the right hand side and you can select where you want your JVZOO affiliate link opportunities to show up on your blog posts. There is also a widget available to show your links in the sidebar if you prefer.

I actually like the clean feel of this plugin, sometimes when we add affiliate links and ads to our blogs they can feel pretty spammy, but this seems really non-intrusive. If you scroll down this blog post you will see the plugin in action.


Watch this short video about the JVZOO plugin and how to add it to your blog.


Even if you are just starting out on your blogging journey and haven’t considered affiliate marketing yet or perhaps you have thought it isn’t for you, I urge you to reconsider. Get a free JVZOO account and see how east it is to find products that you can recommend to others in your niche.


Please let me know what your experience of using JVZOO has been, have you used the plugin yet?  Leave me your comments below.


To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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