Introducing #simplebloghour

About a month ago I started a little experiment to see whether I could get my own #twitterhour working on Twitter. In this post I want to explain to you, what #Simplebloghour is, how it work and how if you’re a blogger you can join us on Twitter and in the Simple Blogging Network Community.


What‘s a Twitter Hour?

Twitter Hours can be considered one of the most ACTIVE social networking events online. There are lot of different Twitter hours, in different topics and they can take place, daily, weekly or monthly. Normally at a specific time so people know when to take part.

How the Simplebloghour works

Twitter hours are a way to help you engage with other twitter users and to find other people with similar interests as you. They help you grow your twitter following and although you might be able to win business via a twitter hour, you will get more benefits by adding value, offering advice and just getting to know others.

Making the Most of Twitterhours and #Simplebloghour

1 Make a splash and get involved. Tweet other users, retweet other tweets, follow new people favourite posts and start conversations.

2. Be Relevant – If you are taking part in a twitter hour, be mindful of the topic and stay on track. But try to be yourself people like people after all.

3. Keep turning up – becoming a twitter hour regular will not only get your more connections, but you’ll start to be seen as consistent and committed to your cause.

4. Use the #hashtag – Goes without saying but a twitter hour without a #hashtag is like Christmas without the office party.

5. Be Friendly – Be approachable, be fun, helpful and interesting. Be genuinely interested in others and strike up some conversations.

6. Be visible – Remember to take part!

Why use the #simpleblognetwork hashtag

There is no set time for #Simplebloghour at present and because we have a community of people from all over the world. I am not minded to keep the #Simplebloghour at a specific time.

When you use the #simplebloghour hashtag in your tweets I will personally retweet your tweet. It also means that other Simple Blogging Network community members can easily see your tweets in the searches.

Using the hashtag regularly will also get more people interested in the community.

Why Join the Community

There are loads of blogging communities out there. But I like to think that the Simple Blogging Network community is different. Most of our activity takes part in the Facebook community and we are a great active, spam free community.

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