Finding Influences for your blogs brand

Your blogs brand isn’t just about writing about the same things and having a pretty logo that makes you stand out from others.  It’s also about building relationships and networking with other people in your niche.  You might have heard sayings like:

“You are most like the 5 people you spend most time with….OR…. you income is the  average of the 5 people you spend your most time with”

It’s called the Law of Association (not attraction that’s different) and whether there is or isn’t lots of statistical data around to back the theory up or not, you can easily do a quick tally by thinking about those 5 people you spend most time with.  Now I’m not saying you have to ditch your family and friends, but it does serve as a reminder to maybe think about broadening horizons and seeking out some influencers that can take your business and blogs brand to the next level.

Tools to help your blogs brand

There are lots of ways to find new influencers for your blogs brand online.  One of the most obvious is tools it Klout, it focuses on a range of your social media platforms and determines an individuals Klout score.  Klout actually has two clear advantages, first it shows your OWN influence so you can see who is most engaged in YOUR content and it can also help you find people in your niche with more influence than yourself.  Another tool to find influences for your ‘blogs brand’ includes Wefollow check it out it;s pretty cool.

What not to do when trying to find social influencers for your blogs brand

When you find someone that you think could be a good match for your brand, be sure to do your homework.  Whilst they may fit well with some of your vision and values they may affiliate with some other things that could actually do your blogs brand more bad than good.  They may jump from opportunity to opportunity or change niche and focus really quickly.  Checking out an influencers brand longevity and testimonials is a great way to see if they could be the perfect person and brand to network and build a relationship with.

If you have time, I recommend you watch this great video interview between Babette Pepaj of Bakespace and David Spark of Spark Media Solutions.  There are some great nuggets of information about becoming a great social influencer yourself.  Imagine turning the table and actually having people reach out to you to build their own blogs brand!  If you want to watch the video in less time, check out the free trial with MySpeed.


What have been your experiences of becoming an influencer? When did you see a turning point in your business? Not an influencer yet, ask your questions below.

What’s your best way to find inspiration for your next blog post?  Have you got any good ways to get your brain cells buzzing?  Please comment and share this post if you have found it useful. 

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