Do you know how to write a blog post properly?

When you’ve been blogging for any length of time you start to develop your own style and method on how to write a blog post.  Whilst some people will tell you to just write, others will tell you do keyword research and more….EEK! But what is the best way to write a blog post?

After many years blogging and after writing hundreds upon hundreds of posts I firmly sit in the ‘carefully craft your blog post’ camp.  (you should join us we have marshmallows)  Love and attention will reward you more than sloppy put together blog posts.  And learning how to write blog posts really doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here are a few key ingredients of how to beautifully craft your blog posts.

Catchy Headlines

I’m not JUST talking about your blog post title.  When you start looking at the bigger picture, you will need to grab the attention of your readers by creating catchy Tweets and Facebook posts with links back to your blog.  Be careful not to give away the entire scoop, peek interest and get followers to click through to your blog.

Amazing Images

Knowing how to write blog posts is just the start….always always always have images in your blog post.  In the beginning it can be a chore trying to source quality and free to use images, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Not only for SEO and making your blog posts more attractive but grabbing people’s attention and driving people to your blog post in the first place!  Pick your images wisely.

Quality Versus Quantity

Quality is always King when it comes to blog posts.  Don’t feel you need to write pages of text.  People are busy, they want to find and digest information fast so they can get on with their day. 500-700 words a post is perfect.  Also keep your sentences and paragraphs short and try to be snappy! Before you know it you will know how to write blog posts that are perfect!

Who are you writing for?

Many bloggers (not all), blog because they want to make money. Because of this, they will blog with themselves in mind.  The best way to get eyeballs on content is to write for your perfect prospect.  Have your audience in mind – make it easy for them to first navigate TO your content and then to CARRY OUT AN ACTION because of your content – (what do you want them to do next?)  The idea of blogging is to create a community on your blog – engage, listen and ask questions.  Find out what your followers want and you will begin to understand ‘how to write blog posts’ for your raving fans

You should also make it easy for your readers to share your content on other sites, make sure you have social media buttons on your posts to make it easy for others to share.

How to write blog posts

How to write blog posts

If you like info-graphics there is an awesome one by fellow blogger and friend Sarah Arrow, on what makes a great blog post.

I also recently found a guest blog post by Ryan Shell of Fashables on Problogger considering the common sense approach to fresh blog post ideas.  His theory is very simple.  He believes we are all experts at something.  However, because we are so familiar with and understand our interests/niches, we believe others think the same things are also easy to understand – when in actual fact we have a lot of information we could share with others.

This is what holds many intelligent bloggers back from creating their own products – they don’t see themselves as experts when they actually are.  Remember what is simple for you, may not be simple for someone else.

If you found this blog post of use, please remember to share via the social media share buttons and leave me a comment below  I would love to know your tips on how to write blog posts.

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