The Makings of Great Blog Post

So as we pass the first full week of the blog post challenge and having read so many amazing blog posts from lots of awesome bloggers, it got me thinking about how to write a blog post that is great?  I have done a similar post on this before when I considered creating killer blog posts.  But today these are the things that come to the forefront of my mind.

Write a Blog Post & Provide Content that People Want

When a blogger starts out on their blogging journey they often just create content and to be honest that is a great way to start to learn the art of blogging, to find your voice and to grow in confidence, but blogging is a long term strategy and if you are growing a business you need to treat your blog like a business and meet your reader’s needs (your customers).

Knowing how to “write a blog post” is about listening to you readers, what challenges, problems and fears do they have?  What can you provide them with that will help them move forward?  If you blog for you and you alone, you are serving no-one. Figure out your target market and provide them with value.

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Mix It Up When You Write a Blog Post

Content doesn’t always have to be written words on the screen.  Consider different mediums, like video, audio, images and infographics.  Mixing up how your content looks will cater to a wider number of people and will offer something for a wider audience.   You might also get visitors from You-tube and other places heading to your site. 

Every Time You Write a Blog Post – Ask for Interaction

I think it is important to talk to your readers and not just throw information at them.  Asking a question during or at the end of a blog post, lets people know they have permission to be leaving a comment on your blog and to interact and be part of the community.  You will be surprised how asking questions about their own experiences can really start to build relationships with new people in your niche. so do this next time you write a blog post.

Not too Long, Not to Short.

Some people will say longer blog posts are better, but I am from the school of thought that we don’t want to waste people’s time.  We should be able to convey the main messages of our blog post in a relatively small amount of words.  I always aim for between 500-750 words when I write a blog post dependent on the topic.  I have never been penalized for this and I actually thinks people stop by more often, because they know they can get the answers to questions without reading an essay.

Write a Blog Post that Keeps it Simple 

The ability to make the complex simple is an amazing skill to possess.  Remember many of the readers that find your via Google will have been looking for a very specific answer to something they typed in Google.  If you are able to answer that question in an easy to read format that gets straight to the point, you could have potentially found a blog subscriber for life.

These are just a few ideas on what makes a great blog post; I would love to know your own.  Is there something you do every time you write a  blog post to make sure your readers get the best experience possible?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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