Well almost!...

One of the biggest frustrations bloggers have when they first start out, is the time it takes to not only  to write a blog post, but edit, upload, optimise, tag, research and make it pretty.

As I enter my 6th year of blogging – creating blog posts isn’t as difficult as it once was.

Here are my top tips to help you speed things up!

I can’t promise you’ll get it down to under 25 minutes but it’s worth a go!

Step 1 - Download a Tomato


For those of you subscribed to my newsletter you might have already had the pleasure of reading about my Tomato technique. Pomodoro the Italian word for tomato is the technique I like to use to break my marketing tasks up.

Not only is this a great skill to learn for all areas of your life. It is really practical when you use it to start to hone your blogging and writing skills.

Download your Tomato here (otherwise known as Focus Booster) Set you 25 minute timer and start to write. After 25 minutes reward yourself with a 5 minute break!

Step 2 - Zone Out

Listening to music really works for me. Granted not everyone is able to work with music on. But if you can, I recommend that you use either calm.com for really calming, chilled out music or just your favourite music player. I like to use google music when I’m working, but music on your phone or compilations found on YouTube work just as well.

Step 3 -  Find Some Easy Inspiration

 If finding inspiration is your issue – use this little trick. Next time you write a blog post, leave a question at the end of your blog post. So let’s say you just wrote a blog post called ‘how to tame a dragon’ (it might happen!!)

You could leave a comment like “What are the biggest challenges you have faced when trying to tame your dragon”

This will get your blog readers to interact with you and if they tell you what their challenges and problem have been, your next blog post should be about just that!


Step 4 - Find a Royalty Free Picture in a Flash

Once you have written your blog post, you might want to make it look pretty. I find most of my pictures over at www.freedigitalphotos.net/ Simply search for the picture, enter the capture and download straight to your desktop. Make sure you give credit to the image owner when you post it on your blog.

Step 5 -  Add a fluffy tail.

Every time I do a blog post, I use the same signature and call to action. Then I simply copy and paste the signature to the end of my blog post. Not only does this speed things up, it also means that every blog post has a link to your newsletter, optin, offer etc. Meaning you’ll make more leads and sales over time.

That’s it! I started writing this blog post 17 minutes ago. I now have 8 minutes to upload this to my blog, add some pretty pictures and click publish! Oh and yes I always type my blog post in word first so that I can check for spelling and grammatical errors before uploading to WordPress.

What are your top tips for creating a superfast blog post from start to finish? Do you think you could do it in 25 minutes?

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