How to be a successful blogger

I thought now would be a great time to think about how to be a successful blogger.  There are many bloggers out there. Thousands of new blogs are started each and everyday.  But what makes one blogger more successful than the next?

This isn’t going to be a definitive list; after all who am I to say who is going to be a success and who is not, but after more than a few years I have met a lot of bloggers, seen different styles, seen bloggers come and go and seen the traits of those that rise and those that don’t.

Successful Bloggers are Dedicated

It sounds so obvious really, but the Bloggers that make it, are those that were dedicated to the core.  Blogging is a long term strategy and anyone thinking that blogging will make them an over night success is sadly mistaken.  If you are thinking about starting a blog today, expect to be still blogging in a few years time.

Successful Bloggers are Persistent

Blogging takes persistence for a multitude of reasons.  First of all you will need to blog often and regularly.  You need to be prepared to learn new skills and persist when things go wrong.  You need to be persistent at building a community and working with others, at reading, researching and creating new content, as well as tweaking and changing different aspects of your blog to make it work.

Successful Bloggers are Creative

It isn’t essential but creative bloggers do seem to have more success.  They see the bigger picture, come up with new and unique ideas about sharing information and engaging people. They have more attractive blogs, they are willing to experiment and not afraid to try  something that has never been done before.  You could say they just know how to be a successful blogger.

Successful Bloggers are Good Communicators

Bloggers by their very nature should be good communicators.  Both by their written words and also in the networking they do.  They will be able to curate information, research and make the difficult simple.  The most successful bloggers are those that provide consultations, coaching, do webinars and create their own products.

Successful Bloggers are Good at Engagement

A successful blogger is someone that can make people come back to their site time and time and have people want to read their stuff.  They will bring people into their community and bring the best our of other bloggers.  They will seek out new pastures and find new circles to engage with always striving to reach new and other successful people in their  niche.

More importantly they will reply to comments and questions left on their site. I particularly love the replyme function which notifies readers when they have a follow-up comment from you and which in turn brings them back to you site for more.

successful bloggers

successful bloggers

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Successful Bloggers are Social Media Savy

Whilst most people are on Facebook these days, there is a big different between using social media for pleasure and social media for marketing purposes.  A successful blogger will need to be up on all the latest social media marketing strategies or at least outsource some of this work to ensure that they are maximizing their chances of growing their subscriber base.

As a minimum successful bloggers will be making use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Social Bookmarking Sites Like Digg, Stumble-upon and Del.ici.ous.  Whilst real-time engagement is more successful for bloggers sharing and engaging with others on the main social networking sites is highly recommend and using service like onlywire can be a real help.

Successful Bloggers are Inviting

A successful blogger will make their blog welcoming and inviting to those passing by.  Remember first impressions count, just the same as if a new neighbor was coming round to see you for the first time.  You need to make sure that that first encounter is remembered for all the right reasons.

Will they want to come back, or will they be put off by that annoying partner of yours that keeps popping up (no pun intended)  in between the two of you to tell you about their latest toy!   And will your wallpaper (your blog design) be attractive?

Successful Bloggers Know SEO and Link Building

A good blogger will know the basics of how to create a thriving blog that people will end up on by searching the right keywords, but they will also be mindful that this isn’t everything and will work hard to create quality content.  They will also be keen to keep on top of the current trends in search engine optimization and willing to make changes to their blog to ensure they are always Google’s best friend.

Successful Bloggers have Good Time Management

Bloggers invariably will have other jobs and commitments that they need to take care of and blogging when you first start out has a little bit of a learning curve.  Many new bloggers may find one post takes a couple of hours and can be a real drain on time.  Having good time management skills allows you to really maximize the time you have available.   Maybe being strict with the days and time that you will write or creating a number of posts in advance.

Successful Bloggers are Passionate 

Successful bloggers will not only have a passion for blogging but will also need to know their niche inside and out.  This will lead them to regularly uncovering new and relevant content to ensure that they are always delivering value.  When someone is passionate about  something their words, whether written or spoken become contagious, leaving others wanting to know more.

Successful Bloggers have Multiple Streams of Income

Finally a successful blogger will have multiple streams of income and have a variety of ways of making and creating money from their blog either directly or indirectly.  You might want to read a post i did recently about making money blogging.

I hope you find this a useful list on “how to be a successful blogger”.  What skills and traits would you add to this list?  What or who do you consider to be a successful blogger and why?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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