Exercises for Bloggers 

So almost 5 weeks in to the new year and you’ve already given up on the exercise regime that you said you were going to stick to on the 1st of January.

I get it…

The girl on reception at your local gym spat her coffee out with shock horror when you pulled your hands out of tracksuit bottoms and revealed the stretchy lycra number you had covering up your knuckles.

Exercising for bloggers is really important!  Especially If you’re taking part in a blog post challenge, (Which I highly recommend you do)

You’ll need to make sure your fingers are in good shape, all warmed up and ready to type.

Because pulling a handstring is no a laughing matter…

…believe me I’ve done it and it makes eating ice cream less enjoyable.

So let me share with you some of my tried and tested exercises for bloggers.  I have to warn you.  Once I share these methods with you, there is a big possibility you could get hand-hunted by a local talent scout for your amazing abilities.

Exercises for Bloggers – Finger Racing.

On Your Marks Get Set….


Before you even put your fingers on the racetrack, you might want to follow these tips.

1.) Drink 14 to 20 ounces of fluid two to three hours before the race.

2.) Eat something with 0.1 grams of carbs per finger then wait two to three hours.

3) Choose a high-carb, low-fibre food with a little protein that is easy to digest, maybe something from a finger buffet.

4.). Right before the race drink a sports drink through a straw.

Finger Racing alone is more fun, but if you can find someone daft enough you might be able to convince them this is a good idea.

Blogging Exercises


Images and Hand Art Courtesy of Amazing Hand Painting Art by Mario Mariotti

Exercises for Bloggers – Finger Football or Soccer if you live the USA

Follow this finger football warm up to make sure the Referee doesnt give you the thumbs down.

The warm up should begin approximately 30 minutes before kick-off:

1.) Start with a slow finger jog (for instructions on how to do this, see finger running above and apply less vigour)

2.) build up to 3/4 pace running so that the heart rate is raised to 160bpm as measured by a heart rate monitor.

3.) Make sure you have worked up a slight sweat before turning on  your computer.

The finger football player should mimic activities that you may have to carry out in a game – i.e side foot passing, high kicks, jumping, heading, squatting and diving.

It’s a good idea to draw the curtains and or not to look at yourself in a mirror.

Once warmed up take a lie down and sleep for 30 minutes before entering your wordpress dashboard.



Exercises for Bloggers – Finger Rowing

Finger rowing is very strenuous and if you find it difficult to open the lids on drink bottles this one might not be for you. But if you up for the challenge here’s what you can do.

1.) It helps if you fill the bath tub up to half way before getting in.  If you don’t have a bath you could try the shower, but it’s not advisable as your oar might smash the glass.  To alleviate this risk, replace life size rowing oars with cotton buds.

2.) Finding your rowing style can be daunting, but most bloggers find reminiscing back to the late 70s and early 80s and remembering the dance moves to oops upside the head works really well.  For those of  you born in the 80’s you might remember your mum embarrassing you at your cousins wedding.  If you were born in the 90’s count yourself lucky you haven’t had to experience this.

Once you have this down you will find your finger naturally flow more easily on the keyboard.  However it’s not advisable to have your computer in the bathroom with you. So towel dry before blogging.


Finger Rowing



Exercises for Bloggers – Finger Conducting

Go to the park and find the best stick you can find.  If you don’t live near a park a pencil will suffice.   Conducting is a really great way to find your creative flair and listening to music generally can get those blogging brain cells pumping.  I recommend  music such as:

I wanna hold your hand – The Beatles

Gold Finger – Shirley Bassey

One Hand in my Pocket  – Alanis Morisette


…even if you can’t read music look at these notes below and pretend that you do.  Twirl your hands around your head and every now and again pretend you are swatting an imaginary fly.


Finger Conductor


So that’s it, now you know all my secret hand and finger exercises to get you supple and ready for a blogging marathon.

And if you’re in the mood why not join us in the business blogging community

Do you have any blogging exercise to share?  I would love to know your thoughts on mine, which of them might try out first?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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