Creating killer blog posts is a bit like baking a cake.  Lots of different ingredients coming together to create something yummy.  with lots of technique, blood sweet and tears to make it your own.  So today I’d like to share some of the ingredients I like to use when creating a killer blog post.

Have a Catchy Title – Some people like keywords and that’s good, but most of all I like to catch people’s attention.  Your initial title may just be the ideas and focus of your blog post.  So in this case my ideas was ‘What makes a good blog’.  Bit bland I thought – so when I had completed my blog post (and I usually do it right at the end, otherwise I would never get started) I think of something a bit more eye-catching.

Break  it up a bit – My next stage is to break the blog post idea in to subheadings.  Break your blog post down into manageable chunks, this also helps you to think of new angles to write about and new twists and turns and to deliver more value.

Content that’s needed – Sounds obvious. But why would you write something only you would want to read?  Think about what your target audience wants to hear.  You can do this by listening and asking questions.  Carry out surveys, frequent groups and forums in your niche. What are the questions that come up time and time again.  Be clever with your content and you’ll engage super targeted readers.

Make it easy to read – If you have something important to say, highlighted, underline it make it bold.  Do something to make it stand out.  Try to use a font that looks good and  is a nice size on the page.  Really small text can be a big turn off.  Remember we want to keep people on the page to keep your bounce rate low.

Add a splash of colour or more – Consider using free imagery, videos, audio or infographics.  Mix it up and have some fun.  You’re readers will like you if you give them some variety.

Intro and Exit – When you have completed your post, go to the start and make sure you have some introductory paragraph.  Try to outline what you will be delivering in the remainder of your post.  If people are interested in the intro, they should stay with you till the end.  Equally do a short conclusion to sum up some of your key points.

Ask a question – I always like to engage with my readers and make them part of the blog post experience.  It also means people will be more inclined to want to leave a comment in response to what you are asking.  Some people don’t comment, because they don’t know what to say.  If you ask a question they will usually have an answer.

Add a Call to Action – This can be of your choosing.  It helps if the call to action is some how related to your content and your niche.  Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense for someone to want to do what you are asking them to do.  Make it flow!

Always provide value – probably the most important part of being a blogger.

Do you have a routine for creating killer blog posts?  What constitutes a great post in your eyes?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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