In an ideal world you would get up each morning knowing exactly what you are going to write about, because you’ve filled your blogging schedule in and it’s packed with inspirational content for your lovely subscribers for the month ahead.

If you do have a blogging schedule, I applaud you!

I would like to say I am super organised like this, but it would be a big fat lie.  I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal!

What I do have however…

….is a clear list of what I hope to achieve each day. 

But I am quite relaxed; if it doesn’t happen I simply roll the task over to the next day.

So whilst I don’t have a set in stone blogging schedule, I do have a list of activities that I try to complete, in between being a mummy and an international pop star. (One of those is not true, I’ll let you decide.)

So below I have set out some of the activities I strive to do, or plan to do as part of my ‘relaxed’ blogging schedule.

Blogging Schedule

Blogging Schedule

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Themed Blogging Days

Not something, I do just yet.  But I do want to mix my blog posts up more.  I am being really pulled towards having:

  • blogs tips and tricks,
  • personal development/success type posts for bloggers,
  • vulnerable blog posts where I connect more with my readers
  • and maybe some contest or promotional type posts.

I would love to know if you have themed days on your blog?

Do you do the same kind of posts on a particular day?

How has that worked out for you?

Break-up your Blogging Activities

So as you will probably have worked out by now, blogging isn’t just about writing content.  It’s about sharing your content, replying to comments, commenting on other blogs, finding new material and so much more.

Have you thought about scheduling all these activities? 

No-one tells you when you start out blogging that to be effective you will have to do all these additional tasks, but professional bloggers know that building and maintaining relationships with your readers is one of the secrets to success.

Niche and Focus

Taking time to find new inspiration, reading great content and keeping on top of your niche could be the difference between you standing out as a top blogger in your space and just being like all the other bloggers.

Do you have a routine to ensure that you are on top of your niche?

BE YOU posts

I mentioned above that I want to do more ‘vulnerable blogging’ especially after the success of one of my latest posts and I do love benefits of really connecting with your readers. 

So I do believe that you should think about when and what you might like to write about, that isn’t niche specific BUT is relevant to YOU and who you are and where you are on your journey right now.

So now that I have scared you half to death with all the tasks you need to fulfil!

It would be great to get your thoughts and find out whether you have an approach. 

Or do you have more of a haphazard approach like me 🙂

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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