So as I was hanging out in a Networking Superstars hangout last night and the subject of content curation came up.  For those of you not familiar with the term, content curation it is in essence a process of sifting through large amounts of online information and then presenting that information in an organised and meaningful way.

Content Curation at its best is content curated around a specific niche. Selecting the best and most relevant information to share with your community.  You will need to be able to sort the good from the bad, sharing quality content.  Sometimes this will be authority sites and sometimes it will be  finding a little gem that no-one has spotted before.  Can I get a High Five!

Content curators, provide context.  They sift, sort, share and syndicate.  It’s a process that I regularly use and it is a sure fire way (if you get good at it!) of becoming an expert in your niche.  Beth Kanter has written a really great content curation 101 with more insight in to what it takes to be a killer content curator.

Content Curator

Content Curator


Top Tools for Content Curation

There a lots of great ways to both collate content and to share content.  A lot of what will work for you will come down to you trying out one or two different methods. I like to use RSS feeds to aggregate content from top authority sites and other sites I come across as I go on my blogging travels.   Other content curators use tools that aggregate content automatically and then share this via social media.  A list of the best content curation tools can be found here  Mari Smith has done a really great video on different ways to curate content across a range of platforms and using different tools and tips.

What were your biggest takeaways from the video on from your own content curation methods?  Please share them below.

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