This is Captain Comment. He’s not real I just made him up about 20 minutes ago. But if he was real, this is what he would tell you about comments on blogs. I am going to share the importance of both having comments on your blogs and also leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

Comments on Blogs Build Communities

A blog without comments; is like Christmas without the magic and the meaning.  Have you ever stumbled upon a blog with great content but no comments?  Having comments on blogs, really improves your social proof and the whole community on your site.  You may or may not know this but when you have comments after your blog posts, readers are more likely to share your content.

However, it is really important to engage with your blog commenters.  If you don’t respond to your comments regularly, you run the risk of not getting your readers to come back.  The more you interact the more quality discussions you will get on your posts and when you respond to comments and use plugins that notify your commenters that you have responded to their blog posts, you will start to see your readers coming back to your blog and re-engage on your site.

You can use the premium commentluv plugin which includes the replyme function to notify your readers that you posted a response to their comment.

Comments on Blogs –Show Insights!

One of the main things you can do, to ensure that you deliver content that your readers NEED is to find out what they WANT.  One way you can achieve this is to listen to the conversations that are happening on your site in the form of comments on your blogs.  You can also make better use of this approach by actually asking your readers specific questions and inviting them to leave their thoughts and feelings in the comment section.

Get good at listening, read between the lines, create posts and comments that give your readers what they want.

Comments on blogs attract attention.

Blogs with lots of interaction will always be more appealing than one that is quiet. Who wouldn’t want to find out more about what the author is doing to create so much noise on their site after all they must be doing something right.  People will become naturally curious when they have to scroll down the page to get to the end and see all your raving fans and followers.

Now Let’s Flip It

Comments on Blogs

Comments on Blogs

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Comments on Blogs drive more traffic, build relationships and produce opportunities.

As well as wanting to have comments on your own site.  It is also really important to also be commenting on other people’s blogs as part of your overall blog marketing strategy.  When you comment on other blogs you are first of all showing that you are a committed blogger.  When you leave comments on blogs you are creating backlinks to your own site which in turn builds up your sites authority in the search engines.

When you leave comments on blogs, you have to be doing it for all the right reasons.  If you haven’t read the blog post you are about to comment on, you may as well not bother.  Leaving quality comments will not only capture the attention of others who may or may not click through to your own site, but you will also capture the attention of the owner of the blog.

Blog commenting in the correct way will help you build some great relationships with other bloggers and other people in your niche.   This could in turn create opportunities such as guest blogging and who knows what else. Don’t over look leaving great comments on blogs.

Please let me know what your experience of commenting on blogs has been in the comment section below.

What’s your best way to find inspiration for your next blog post?  Have you got any good ways to get your brain cells buzzing?  Please comment and share this post if you have found it useful. 

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