Only Kidding!

But today let’s talk about capturing people’s attention and engaging with your readers. Let’s start right at the beginning. How do we get people to want to read our stuff? And that could be either reading your catchy blog posts or opening your emails.  There are lots of reasons that make people open and click on your content. Some of it comes from having a solid brand and relationship with your friends, followers and subscribers and some of it comes down being crafty with your words and creating catchy blog posts and email titles.

Think about it. Who likes bland? I don’t like bland? Bland is well bland! Bland is so bland it’s zzzzz!
Sorry I nodded off.

One of the first ways you can get people to read your blog post and open your emails is to have carefully thought out catchy blog post titles, titles that capture attention. There are lots of ways you can do this. I often use humour, I find this works well for me, but perhaps you don’t have a funny bone in your body. Great titles that get results are ones that can do some of the following:

1. Communicate a benefit
2. Create controversy
3. Asks a question
4. Are personalised to the readership
5. Has the right keywords
6. Uses power words
7. Makes claims and promises
8. Funny

I also think it is important to have attractive images showing in your thumbnails of your blog posts a really attractive picture can be posted on other social networks with a link back to your blog. Consider using sites like Pinterest to make the most of this method.

Darren Rowse wrote a really great post a few years ago. It’s quite old but the information is still relevant today about crafting blog post titles to draw people to your blog.  But how do we know that we are really capturing attention?  Well you can use Google Analytics to compare the performance of each of your posts, check where your traffic is coming from, which posts get most views, which have the best ‘catchy blog post’ titles? What’s your bounce rate and how long are people staying on your blog pages.

If you are measuring open rates of emails make sure you pay attention to your stats inside your auto responder.  If you use Aweber you can Segment your email subscribers to make sure you are getting the most from your list.  You can segment you list into those that consistently don’t open your list and those that do.


For those that don’t open your emails, maybe spend some time trying to re-engage them, find out what they want and offer them what they need.  It may be that they don’t have the same needs as those who are opening your emails.  Another reason to monitor who is and isn’t opening your emails is that as your email list grows you are paying for the privilege of having them on your list?  Consider an email list purge for   Find out more about the advantages of using email segments here 

I would love to know the methods you use to make catchy blog post titles and your email subject lines more attractive?  Have you used the Aweber email segments?

To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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