What To DO When Your Blogging Wheels Fall Off.

Every now and again, life gets in the way and we fall of our horses or something happens unexpected. Perhaps you get ill or just lose your mojo.  But what can we do to ensure that it’s not a long term thing that will stop us from getting back in to the blogging flow?


First things first, your health should always be your number one priority.  If you aren’t well enough, you aren’t well enough. So take some time off, go recoup, watch some of that brain numbing TV that I would normally tell you to avoid like the plague and just switch off.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep and you are eating as healthy as you can.

Personally this is something that I need to do better.  My eating is sporadic and I tend to make sure everyone else in the house is well fed before thinking of me! Why do mothers do that? Anyway, if you are a night owl (like me), try at least to get to bed before midnight, because if you are tired you are tired.

Tell people you’re away

The thing about social media is that if you are not around for like 24 hours, you will soon start to be a distant memory in the minds of others and their own busy lives.  So if you have already built up following of sorts, be sure to tell people you are having some down time.  Not only will this put some (positive) pressure to get you back up and running pronto, but your friends and followers will be all too happy to rally around you and offer their love, hugs and support.

Stay in contact with your friends and family

We all have online ‘friends’ but it’s important that you stay in even closer contact with those friends who know you that little bit more.  Who know what is really going on in your life, when things are getting a little too much?  Take time to schedule a few minutes each day, just to share how you’re feeling, you could do this with family or anyone you have this connection with.  But it’s good to have friendship outside of online work because they tend to know you better than anyone and spur you on.

Read other blogs

OK so you might not be able to muster the energy to boot up the computer, but if you have a smart phone, spend a few minutes a day, just browsing interesting articles and blog posts.  You might not want to share and comment, but just reading from a far can really start to ignite that passion and drive and get those dormant blogging brain cells moving again.

Listen to podcasts

You literally just have to press a few buttons, this isn’t going to take much effort.  Next time you have a coffee or tea break, or perhaps when you are eating your breakfast, put on a short podcast that you can listen to while you just doing what you need to do to perk yourself up.  Again it keeps you in touch with the online world and it might give you some sparks of inspiration for when you return.

Blogging Wheels

Blogging Wheels

Image courtesy of [Boians Cho Joo Young] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Create a plan for your return

So you have been away.  You are starting to feel better and feel like you can take on the world again.  (At least a little)  But before you throw yourself straight back into things, take the time to sit down and think about what it is you REALLY want to do with your time, now you have the ability to go at full pelt.  Think about your ‘zero level marketing strategy’ what is the minimum you should do each day to ensure you are getting yourself out there.

Take time to think about what is working and what isn’t working, what is making you the money and what isn’t?

Are you ready to blog now?

What would you do to get yourself ready to blog again? Have you experienced a time when you found it hard to do what you needed to do with your blogging?  Be sure to leave your comment below.

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