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As you know my primary marketing method is blogging.  I love to write and engage and connect with people through my writing, I do a lot of social marketing to syndicate my content and I have been able to build a very targeted list and community of bloggers in a short space of time.

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But there comes a time in every business when you have to spread your marketing wings if you want to reach wider audiences, if you want to maximise and leverage what you have created so far.

Over the last few months I have been working on widening my marketing methods though Facebook ads and the results have been fantastic and following testing and tweaking incredibly cost effective! (like $0.11 a lead!)

That is because I am able to target specific people in specific a specific niche with particular likes and interests.  And I am excited about connecting and working with a lot more bloggers because of Facebook Ads

Think about it, where else do you have access to over 1.23 BILLION potential customers, with approximately 800 MILLION actively logging in each day?

Facebook Ads are different than other forms of online advertising because people go there to look at photos, interact with their friends/family, post status updates, They don’t necessarily go on Facebook to purchase products or service.


ads  are now part and parcel of the everyday activity you see on Facebook, so advertising is now considered the norm.

One particular method I have been using is Newsfeed ads.  These aren’t the “Facebook Ads” you see on the right hand side of Facebook but that ones that show up in your normal news feed.  You might have seen a few that I have done in the lead up to the evergreen blog post challenge.

Facebook Newsfeed Ads can:

  • Generate you highly targeted leads for your specific blog niche.
  • Drive traffic to any website / capture page
  • Have massive advantages over side bar ads.
  • Be used to promote affiliate products and services relevant to your niche
  • Increase your Facebook edge rank and organic Facebook engagement and visibility.
  • Re-target ads to your existing email lists!
  • Be used in conjunction with Facebook Graph search abilities.
  • Utilise captivating images to engage your target audience.
  • Get more people to attend your events and live webinars.


Right now you can access all of these methods by picking up a copy of News Feeds Ads.

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Plus anyone who purchases via my link will get 6 months access to the evergreen blog post challenge. 

If you are already a member of the challenge I will extend your existing membership. (That’s $59 value)

Have you tried Facebook ads before?  Let me know in the comments below!  If so, were you successful?  If not, what’s holding you back?

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