At the start of the blog post challenge I get reminded that some people find it really difficult to find blog post inspiration   I try to dis-spell this myth as soon as I can and that’s why I like to spend time going over how to become an expert in your niche.

But I thought I’d do a whistle stop tour of place to find blog post inspiration.  Once you have got this clear in your mind and taken some time to research your niche you will have a constant stream of new ideas to write about.  No longer will you have an excuse not to write about what is happening your world.



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Other Blogs in Your Niche – Find blogs and website that already have a strong presence and authority online and subscribe to their RSS feeds.  With one click you will be able to see their latest stuff.


Forums – Forums are one of my favorite stomping grounds because they are home to some of your most targeted prospects.  Many people use blogs to ask questions and if people have questions it wont be long until you find something to write about that will solve someones frustrations.


Podcasts –  I talk about podcasts a lot but they are my favorite way of finding new information on the go. Listening to content in your niche while you are out and about is a great way to have your brain cells sparking and ready for when you put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard.


Videos – Use the questions your find in forums and other places to find the answers to them on youtube and other video sites.  Are there some good authority figures in your niche doing a lot of great content?  Subscribe to them and get in to the habit of watching their stuff.


Twitter – Twitter is a great place to find content relevant to  your niche.  You can search twitter and find what people are tweeting about in your specific niche right away.  Follow these people and visit their blogs, connect with them and see what they tweet about next.


Facebook –  Facebook has a wealth of information you just need to do a bit of digging first.  Use the Facebook Graph Search to find groups and fan pages in your niche.  Listen to what people are talking about and provide content that matches this.


There are lots of other ways to find blog post inspiration, you just have to be open to finding them.  One last thing is be social. Don’t just go in search of information but actually interact with people in these places, start building up a reputation as someone that wants to help and is a credible personality in your niche.

What’s your best way to find blog post inspiration?  Have you got any good ways to get your brain cells buzzing?  Please comment and share this post if you have found it useful. 

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