Blog Post Comments ARE NOT Just for Christmas.

OK being a bit silly here, but blog comments ARE important all year round and here’s why….

Have you thought about how important Blog Post Comments are for your blog?  In a previous post I discussed how the blog post comments on your own site can really improve your social proof, grow your community and provide insights in to what your readers want to receive from you site.  

In this post I want to concentrate on the blog post comments you do on other people’s sites.  I get a large amount of traffic from the comments I do on other people’s blog posts.

…..And if you haven’t already I recommend you install Google Analytics on your site so you can see exactly where your blog traffic is coming from.  This is a snap shot of where my traffic is coming from in the last month.  The top 10 referral sites are those you would expect like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin but after that, the majority of my traffic (that IS NOT coming from search engines), is coming via other blogs.

Blog Post Comments

Blog Post Comments

Image courtesy of Bandrat / & Beth Hewitt – SimpleBloggingNetwork

Paying attention to this data, allows me to be very selective about where I spend my time.  You will see that my friends Donna Merrill and Robin Emdon are places where I should put more of my time and effort.

How to Get More Traffic with Blog Post Comments

Be selective where you comment – comment on blogs in your niche, the referral traffic from these sites will be super targeted and be naturally interested in what you write about.

Write value driven comments – Always try to add new insights to a blog post with your comment.   What can you add to the blog post?  I good blog post comment will also take in to account what other blog commentors are saying.

Be complimentary – I don’t mean make something up.  But if you have genuinely learnt something, tell the blog author in your “blog post comments”.  What is your biggest take away?  What are you now going to do as a result of reading the blog post? 

Take your time and write paragraphs – Blog commenting isn’t supposed to be hard work and if you have something to say, your blog comment will flow naturally. But a blog comment that has weight and length in my opinion will always get you more referral traffic.

Comment on Authority Blogs in your niche –  You will see from the image above that I get a lot of referrals from authority blogs like Problogger and Blogworld.

Commenluv blogs every time – I have said this many time on this blog but whenever you find a blog to comment on, scroll down to the bottom and see whether it has commentluv enabled.  You will get more referral traffic from blogs that use commentluv because it is easier to see what content you have on your site that others might be interested in reading.

Read your blog post comments before hitting submit.  A badly written blog post comment might have the wrong effect, despite all the effort and good intentions you may have put into writing it.

Be personal and use names – If you have actually taken the time to find out the name of the person’s blog you are on then that actually says something about you valuing their content.  I would also go so far to mention the names of other people that have commented on the same blog post if you think there comment has added value.  Remember people subscribe to blog post comments and receive updates when new comments are posted so if you have taken the time, people will see how engaged and interested you are.  Try It!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tips, they are simple really but they can make all the difference.  I would love to know what your experience of blog commenting has been.  Do you have your own strategy?  What blog do you get most of your referrals from?

To Your Simple Blogging Success, 

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