Why Consistent Blogging Is Crucial

Ever have one of those days when the same theme seems to keep coming through.  I’ve had one of those days today.  Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of telling me something.  Today the universe wants me to think about the importance of consistency.

I found a quote by Bruce Springsteen

“Getting an audience is hard, sustaining an audience is harder.  It demands a consistency of thought of purpose and of action over a long period of time.”

We can apply this quote to a lot of different things we do. I’m sure Bruce was probably talking about his journey as a musician and building his audience in the music world, but the quote sits very nicely when you think about a mediapreneurs journey to build up a consistent brand, presence and audience online.

One of the main thing that all serious bloggers need to be able to do, is to write content consistently.  Not just because it helps them get out there more and learn new skills – but because if a blogger has the desire to build a large following and be successful online they will have to be consistent with what they do.

Think about a TV programme that you consistently watch on a certain day or a magazine that you buy each week on a certain day.  Imagine what would happen if tomorrow they decided to move your programme from a Monday to a Friday, how would you feel about that? 

When we are consistent we start to build expectations and trust with the people we are trying to serve.   The same goes for how often you email your list or whether you do a webinar on a certain day each week.

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Sometimes results can take a while, but when we are consistent in our approach things can really start to improve.  Take the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge for example.  The idea for it came literally from nowhere it just popped in my head on the 30th of December 2012.

In a frantic panic I managed to set up a capture page and do some videos, email my list and share it a few places online.  As a result 89 people registered. Not bad for 1 day of madness I thought. Not many people managed to stay the course but we had fun and we all learnt a lot. 

The second time I hosted the challenge there was a bit more planning and we increased our registrations to 129.  And a lot more people completed the challenge.  

Then today we officially kicked off the 3rd challenge. As I write this we have had 197 people register and I know we will pick up more in the next few days. I expect the next one will have even more.  What does this tell you about consistency?  The more we do something, the better the results.  I also had people asking me when the next challenge was going to be, because I made a commitment to hosting them quarterly.

It’s the same with blogging regularly.  Whether you can commit to blogging once a week, 3 days a week or every day, get in to the rhythm of being consistent and you will be surprised about the results you see.

Have you experienced being consistent and how has it paid off for you?

What’s your best way to find inspiration for your next blog post?  Have you got any good ways to get your brain cells buzzing?  Please comment and share this post if you have found it useful. 

UPDATE:  Since writing this blog post in 2012 – We’ve moved to an evergreen community of bloggers sharing content which you are welcome to join.  I may bring the 30 day challenge back in the future.

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