Building an email list with your blog

For those of you who know me from my previous blogging life, the Simple Blogging Network is not my first blog…it’s not even my second and because of that – there have been a few things I have experienced over the years when it comes to launching a blog and building an email list with your blog.

One of the first goals I have when starting a new blog, is to think about building that all important subscriber base. You want to have this nugget in place before you even launch. It is actually a really exciting time launching, because as you get better and better at it you can really see those pains and struggles finally start to pay off.

So in this post I want to discuss ways you can get more e-mail subscribers…


Building an email list

Building an email list

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Build and email list by getting a premium autoresponder

Sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the number of bloggers building an email list with emails that disappear in to a big black hole. If you are serious about list building, your business and your customers you owe it to yourself and your raving fans to use a premium autoresponder such as Aweber to look after your leads. There are some free alternatives available but honestly people are precious about their email and it needs to be treated correctly.

Build and email list by providing a Freebie

Some freebies are worthless. But If you have a niche blog and you really have something that has REAL value for your potential subscribers you should ensure that your subscribers get something in return for their e-mail address. This works better if it is something that you have personally produced. There are lots of things you could offer from coaching calls, e-book, video recordings, products. It might take a while to come up with something but it will be worth it if you do and it will really help you with ‘building an email list’.

Landing pages for your site

This really comes down to personal preference. When I first built this site I had a simple landing page that people could opt-in to. This does work very well but I have chosen not to do this for a little while so that I can really test my conversions on other methods. However as I build up my authority and brand this maybe something I want to reconsider. I would really love your thoughts on using a landing page for building an email list on your blog. Some bigger names are choosing this method now.

Using every page

Unfortunately…a right hand side opt-in page just doesn’t cut it anymore. But that doesn’t mean don’t have one. If it works once a month it’s worth the opt-in right. But be creative with your opt-in boxes. Place them in your headers, in your footers, in the body or the bottom of your content with a call to action. Don’t miss an opportunity. Use your about pages and be more creative with building an email list.

To Your Simple Blogging Success.

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