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Simple Blogging Network

Hi my name is Beth Hewitt and I am the founder of The Simple Blogging Network.  I have been an internet marketer and blogger for 7 years and in that time, I’ve seen some very intelligent, talented bloggers and business owners get tired and disillusioned because they never made any money online or they never got the recognition they deserved.

Perhaps that’s you?  Maybe you have a blog, but you’re not sure of how to get traffic, or maybe you’ve figured out the traffic part, but no-one is buying from you.  Maybe your blog is tired and dated, in need of a facelift and not social media ready; or perhaps you have a  really great business, but now you’ve figured it’s time to create great content to help you get more eyeballs on what you have on offer.

Maybe you’ve been agonising over the difference between a widget and a plugin and the three little words SEO scare you silly.  I’m here to tell you that when you have the keys to blogging the correct way, you’ll unlock the secrets to raving fans and 1000s of followers and before you know it you will be the leader in your niche and business that you always dreamed about.

But it’s hard right? When you work long hours, or you have your fingers in lots of other pies, when you’re learning the ropes and buying the courses, watching the tutorials and you just don’t know how to make this whole blog thing work…

…and it’s OK, you’re not alone.  It took me years of tracking and changing to figure it out.  Hey, I even figured it all out, made a lot of income then stopped doing it for a whole 2 and half years, so believe me I get how frustrating it can be!    But here at Simple Blogging Network we pride ourselves on providing value and helping you succeed as a successful content creator. Whether that’s blogging, videos, e-books, memes, Facebook ads podcasts or something else.

We can help you with designing your blog, making your brand congruent, aligning your social media profiles, get the help with dreaded keyword research and get access to simple blogging and content tips and tricks!  You can hang out and mastermind with other successful bloggers from all over the world in our very own blogging community and webinars.

So stop blogging alone.  Simply enter your detail below, join the community for free and I’ll even send you my highly regarded 5 steps to simple blogging success e-book and some other goodies, which will teach you everything you need to know to be the success you deserve.

To Your Success,

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