Fairly random headline I know!

First of all, I have pinched the term Mediapreneurs  from the Awesome David Siteman Garland who I believe coined the term whilst in the shower!  

For those of you who don’t know David and his podcast show Rise to the Top, you have to listen to it, because David’s energy and enthusiasm is fantabulous, he knows a lot about rocking the entreprenurial world and has inspired me to set up my own podcsast show, starting (all things crossed) December 2013  oh and he’s kinda cute as well…




…What the heck am I talking about.


6 Things Mediapreneurs Can Do in The Car

6 Things Mediapreneurs Can Do in The Car


First things first, Mediapreneurs are people like you and me, who have a web show, video show, or blog as a platform and utilise it to build a following and influence online and ultimately become a success and make lots of spondoolies. YAY!


As an aspiring successful  Mediapreneurs, who balances family life, offline work and building a business online, You’ll know all too well the reasons why it’s important to leverage and utilise your time as best you can.  You have to think about how you can squeeze every last second out of your day to move your business forward and to get you to your ultimate goal.


One of the places you can do this is in the Car!  


If you drive a lot, or have long commutes to work each day, you can use your driving time to really transform your business, your education and your personal development.


I am deadly serious!


My favourite time is commuting because I have learnt & accomplished so much in the car!  


Here are my Top 6 Things a Mediapreneur can do in the car, starting Today!


1.) Learn Learn Learn

Think of your car as your little library on wheels, your time to soak up as much information on your areas of interest as possible.  You can do this in a number of ways.  Perhaps you have some educational CDs that you could listen to, maybe a trip to your local library could find you some interesting stuff.  

But in the age of smart phones it isn’t going to take you long to find material to give you a personal education.  I currently use audible to choose books I can listen to on the go, and I also subscribe to a lot of podcasts, meaning I get to pick and choose what I want to learn every time I jump in the car.


2.) Create Content

Now I am not suggesting you start putting pen to paper or using laptops and tablets while you are stuck in traffic, but you can create audios and or videos while you are in the car, just make sure you are hands free and concentrating on the road ahead. Using apps to record content on the fly and to upload videos to You Tube when you have a little more time, is going to be a time saver.


3.) Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse.

Whether you have a call with a client or prospect, an  interview or you need to iron out a script for a video.  You can rehearse till your heart is content while driving about in the car.  There aren’t many places and times in YOUR day that allow you to say things out loud in a safe environment with no one to interrupt and put you off.  Try it!


4.) Get Motivated.

As well as using audio to learn, you can also listen to personal development and motivational material to getting your day off on the right footing.  I personally love the Hay House Radio or a favourite audio book.

5.) Come up with Ideas.

Ever noticed that you seem to have you best ideas when you doing something mundane like, washing up, in the shower, or cutting the lawn.  I have had some of my best ideas in my car.  Since these tsks don’t require much thought, your mind flips to autopilot. You free up your unconscious to work on something else. Your mind goes wandering, leaving your brain to go all creative on you.  

I recently starting ‘brain dumping’ ideas as soon as I have them, writing them down in a little purple book (other colours available) with a view to action and consider the ideas at a later date.  I’ve been amazed how many ideas I have in a day, that I would otherwise have just forgotten.


6 Things Mediapreneurs Can Do In The Car

6 Things Mediapreneurs Can Do In The Car


6.) Relax

Yes, although we have to use our cars to commute and get to A to B in our busy schedules, you can actually make your car environment as appealing as possible and actually start to enjoy your new educating, content creation, library machine on wheels.


I would love to know your thoughts on how you utilise your time offline, to build your business online.  Do you do things in the car?  Or maybe you have some other great ideas to leverage your time.  Please leave me a comment below and share the post with your audience. 


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