The Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge

YAY.. It only seems like yesterday but here we are only 2 weeks away from the start of the next 30 Day Blog Post Challenge.  As always I am super excited.  I am hoping for BIG BIG things and I know it will be fabulous because I have such an amazing community of bloggers.

I can hardly believe that this is the 4th Challenge in 2013! Each time we have grown.

In January we had 90 Bloggers take part in the first Simple Blogging Network – 30 Day Blog Post Challenge, then in April we introduced some prizes in to the mix and had an amazing 160 Bloggers sign up!

Then in August we added weekly webinars into the mix and had over 200 bloggers sign up. I would love to reach 400 bloggers it would be such a great end to the year and would make 2014 be a great start for the Simple Blogging Network.

Just like last time we are sticking with the prizes and holding the weekly webinars only this time, it will be a mix of overview and REAL blogging strategies to that you can implement and enhance your blog and business.

So there will be 4 jam packed Webinars focused around making you a better blogger AND just like last time. You can make 50% commissions on all the bloggers you refer to the challenge.  Infact refer just 2 bloggers and you’ve paid for your challenge.  How cool is that!

So why do a blog post challenge!

Many blog post challenges last 60 or 90 days.  But here at the Simple Blogging Network we want to keep things…well…Simple!  So we are sticking to 30 days phew!  So why should you do a blog post challenge?

Do a ‘blog post challenge’ for more social proof – When you take part in a blog post challenge you will significantly increase your chances of getting more comments, likes and shares on your site.

Social Proof

Social Proof

Do a blog post challenge for more search engine presence

When you blog regular and often, Google and other major search engines will start to pay lots more attention to your site.  It is always a great idea to check your Alexa ranking before you start your challenge.  Whilst Alexa rankings aren’t everything they will certainly show whether you are going in the right direction.

Do a blog post challenge to learn new skills

Blogging every day is not easy by any stretch, but when you commit yourself to post something new every day you will soon begin to learn some very useful skills needed to become a successful blogger. You will find your own way to generate content, you will learn how to use WordPress, you will learn how to blog faster, you might learn more about SEO.   You will learn more about your niche.  You will become a better writer.

Do a blog post challenge to increase your brand and following

As well as social proof, the more your content is seen across social platforms the more you will increase both your personal and business brand.  You can also expect to grow your Twitter, Fanpage and G+ followings.

Do a blog post challenge to make more dough!

It isn’t a given and I’m not going to say you will make any more money, but increasing traffic to your site could help you generate more leads, sell more products and make more sales.

Finally do a blog post challenge because it’s fun and you will get to connect with a lot more people.  Widen your blog friend circles, find others in your niche, you might even find a future Joint Venture (JV) partner.

Recap on Why this 30 Day Blog Post Challenge is Bigger and Better than the Last One.

We have an exclusive Facebook Group, making it easier for new people to join in.  We had and still have the Facebook Fanpage and Google + Community to share your blog posts but now we have an extra place too.  When you join I ask that you share the challenge with others and add them to the group so they can join in too.

I have created a PDF guide of how to take part in the challenge.  Feedback from the last challenge was that you wanted information in written form as well as via visual video.  You asked for it, you got it.

We are still doing Prizes 🙂  

There’ll be weekly blogging webinars throughout August.

You can make commissions for referring other bloggers!


To find out more, register below and I will see you on the challenge.

Registration for the Simple Blogging Network Challenge is now open.  Simply click the image below, sign-up and follow the instructions.  I will be with you every step of the way.

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Good Luck In The Challenge,


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