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If you had the pleasure of heading to my site in the last week or so, on either a tablet or mobile device you might have been a little shocked by what you saw.


My blog was well and truly hacked.  Despite all the security, it seems for some hackers, where there is a will there is a way and whenever someone tried to access my site they were greeted by some unsightly images of scantily clad ladies doing some….


…Well you get the idea!


After going back and forth with my host for the best part of a week and having to reply to oodles of messages and emails from my
friends and followers.


Which I am sooooo grateful for by the way


Enough was enough and so I headed over to the guys at WPFixit.com



Images Courtesy of   [Kittikun Atsawintarangkul] Free Digital Photos.Net

Who are WPFixit?


In their own words… If you have a WordPress issue driving you mad.  WPFixit will sort it out for you.


Whether you are having:

  • Platform issues
  • Theme Issues
  • Plugin Issues
  • General Issues
  • Or maybe Boyfriend or Girlfriend Issues? (Joke!)

Let WPFixit fix it for you.  Even if you aren’t sure whether they can sort your problem out for you, at just $39, if they can’t sort you out they simply refund your pennies.  So you literally have nothing to lose.


Here’s what you do.


Simply create your WPFix It Ticket. Leaving all the details the fixers will need. This might be your wordpress dashboard login details or if things were bad like mine,  and you are no longer able to login, they’ll need you FTP or Cpanel details.

Next submit your payment.  Once they have received your payment the fixers will get to work.

The WP Fixers will strive to resolve all issues within 2 hours.  They actually sorted me out within 30 minutes and because I was so impressed with them, I asked them to change my theme, which they did extremely swiftly.


Why I was so impressed.


  • It was a bank holiday weekend and the fixers were very quick and helpful
  • The correspondence whilst they were working on my site was really easy and useful
  • They went above and beyond what I had asked them to do
  • They were affordable
  • I had a great customer service experience
  • They fixed my site
  • I now have a new look secure site.




If you have any niggles on your wordpress site right now and don’t want to lose any sleep, I highly recommend WPFixit.  They will be my one stop shop for all things wordpress related in the future. Quick, efficient, helpful and a pleasure to work with.

I would love to hear your experience of working with WP Fixit, or perhaps you use another great resource.  What do you do when your site is being icky?


To Your Simple Blogging Success,

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Beth Hewitt

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  • Sonia

    Reply Reply May 3, 2014

    Great to know there are affordable ways to fix problems with our sites.
    Thanks for this handy tip Beth – and sorry you had to go through such an awful disruption to your site!
    Touch wood, as far as I know I have not been infected!

  • Merle

    Reply Reply May 3, 2014

    Thanks for that tip Beth, good to know that.

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply May 14, 2014

      It really is! :)

  • Alana

    Reply Reply May 4, 2014

    Too many people I know have had their blogs hacked over the years. I’m glad you found a good company to fix your blog for you, with great customer service. Great customer service, despite the lip service a lot of companies pay to it, is so rare nowadays, it seems. I sometimes wonder what would happen if my blog, which uses Blogger as its platform, was hacked. I truly hope I never have to find out.

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply May 14, 2014

      Hi Alana,

      That is a good point. As your blog is hsoted on blogspot I am sure they would have to sort it out for you. But if you ever go down the route of owning your own domain, it’s good to know there are good companies out there that will fix things for us.

      Beth :)

  • Hillary

    Reply Reply May 4, 2014

    So glad your site is back up and running Beth! Xx

  • K. Lee Banks

    Reply Reply May 5, 2014

    Stopping by from Facebook/UBC. Sorry to hear you got hacked (seriously, do some people have nothing better to do?), but glad to hear you found an affordable solution.

    Thanks for sharing, because I will definitely keep them in mind (do they get rid of spammers for good, that make it past Akismet and other anti-spam plugins, by any chance?)

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply May 14, 2014


      Sorry for the delay in getting back :) They get rid of them for good, until some other hacker comes along! But hopefully that wont happen. I have found that the Akismet isnt that affective these days. I use the commentluv premium plugin that has build in GASP anti spam plugin and I don’t get as much spam these days. You can find it here.

      Also please let me know if you would like to be part of the Simple Blogging Network Community. It would be great to see you there.

      All the best,


  • Ryan Biddulph

    Reply Reply May 14, 2014

    Hi Beth,

    Glad to see you’re up and running again!

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply May 14, 2014

      Me too Ryan :)

      I missed blogging :)

  • Kat Sturtz

    Reply Reply May 14, 2014

    JG at WPFix-It is my go-to guy when problem has moved past my skill or patience level. Or when the price to delegate makes it a no-brainer choice to have him do it!

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply June 3, 2014

      Hi Kat,

      It’s great that you have had a great experience with WPFixIt as well.


  • Beth – Ain’t it great when someone decides to pass out complements instead of hurling complaints? Your professionalism shies thorough in all you do so using your strong blog voice to serve multiple purposes (a thank ou and a recommendation) just fires me up! It will be another great day because of the energy you convey. THANK you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. prp

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply June 1, 2014

      Hey Peter,

      It certainly is good to give compliments :) You have just reminded me I was at the sports Centre Yesterday my daughter had been playing archery and we she had such a lovely time that I decided to leave some good feedback. When I picked the feedback form up from the reception and asked for a pen. The staff were really reluctant to help me out because they thought I was going to give them negative feedback. They were quite taken aback when they realised it was positive.

      Funny how people jump to the conclusion that most people are complainers.

      Beth :)

  • Jarrett Gucci

    Reply Reply June 25, 2014

    Have you seen our NEW website and SEXY ticketing system. Let me know if you want a special coupon to test drive it.

    • Beth Hewitt

      Reply Reply July 16, 2014

      Hey Jarret,

      Yes I did see that and you are right its is SEXY lol!

      Thanks for your comment,


  • Jarrett Gucci

    Reply Reply July 16, 2014

    Thanks Beth for your kind words!

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