Whilst most of my content is done via traditional blogging, I do like to use a range of mediums to capture the attention of more than one type of follower. In particular I love the ease of video blogging, to get a point across. As well as for training and webinar purposes.

As a blogger have you considered video blogging?

I remember when I first started out on line.  The idea of standing in front of a camera and saying something remotely interesting was a pretty scary thought.

I was so over rehearsed and I think I might have had a really random British accent and if I remember correctly I may even have had a vacuum in the background.


Then came the uploading and the editing and the hope that no-one would actually ever see it because it was so bad!

Oh Gawd…

However, in era of smart phones where everyone has the ability to create a video in an instant and upload it to YouTube at an even quicker pace, people are expecting more.  As well as receiving their daily dose of news and inspiration via video.

And that’s why because I predominately write a lot of my content, I like to mix it up every now and again with video.

...But as someone who has advocated this mix of blogging over the years, I have heard a wide range of excuses as to why someone couldn't possibly create a video.

Excuses like:

I don’t have the right kind of equipment, I don’t know how to edit, I don’t have the time, it won’t look professional the lighting is all wrong.

If you are apprehensive about standing in front of the video at all, you could consider capture videos or voice over videos. I recently came across some amazing, affordable video creation software called Video Maker FX.

Top marketers all know the power of a well-made video to help boost conversions and create those all-important sales.

So imagine if you could easily create professional looking video with software that:

  • Was easy to use
  • Made making videos quick and painless
  • Gave you full resell rights to the videos you create.
  • Engaged and captivated your audience
  • Allowed you to create unlimited videos on anything

Imagine being able to create videos just like these....

With VideoMakerFX you’ll be able to create, incredible videos to sell your products and services. Share you knowledge via impressive visuals. Generate leads and share your video via the power of YouTube.  Plus create and sell professional looking videos to others.

Just think how much more engaging you will be with these incredible videos.

Not only that but VideoMakerFX is fully customisable with fonts, colours, backgrounds, images, music and animation effects and more…

Plus unlike other expensive ( and often more complicated) video creation software, you’ll be able to make videos again and again for a onetime cost.

The bad news is, the price is going up in about 7 hours from now. If I’d have spotted this earlier I would have shared it with you much earlier. So I recommend you grab your copy whilst it’s on special offer.

The Good News is - It's only $67

Do you do video blogging? Do you like to mix your blogging up with a range of written, videos and audio? Would love to know your thoughts on video blogging and what you use to create professional looking videos?

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