Using Canva for your blog posts.

In this blog post I’ll share with you the benefits of using Canva for your blog posts and how you can easily use Canva to create professional images. Knowing how to get images; how to make them and what to do with them, can… Continue Reading →

Time Management and Bloggers

In this post I want to talk about Time Management and Bloggers.  I’ve been a blogger for a long time now and there have been times in the past when blogging and running a business have totally consumed my life. If you… Continue Reading →

Making the most of events when you’re a blogger.

One of the main questions that bloggers have is what should I blog about?  There are many answers to this question, too many to answer in this one blog post but one thing you can do as a blogger is… Continue Reading →

Hey bloggers, I’m back and boy have I missed you. It’s Beth, do you remember me?  I’m the girl with the hair and the ice cream. This post is a bit more personal than I would normally write here on… Continue Reading →

Howdy blogger and business peeps of the world.  Beth here and I’ve been gone for a very very long time! Sincerely sorry  about that.  I’ve had a lot going on, mostly good with a few little annoying things.  But I’m… Continue Reading →

Introducing SimpleBlogHour

​ Introducing #simplebloghour About a month ago I started a little experiment to see whether I could get my own #twitterhour working on Twitter. In this post I want to explain to you, what #Simplebloghour is, how it work and… Continue Reading →

How to Write a Blog Post in 25 Minutes

Well almost!… One of the biggest frustrations bloggers have when they first start out, is the time it takes to not only  to write a blog post, but edit, upload, optimise, tag, research and make it pretty. As I enter… Continue Reading →

WPFixit – Fixed It…

If you had the pleasure of heading to my site in the last week or so, on either a tablet or mobile device you might have been a little shocked by what you saw.   My blog was well and truly hacked.  Despite… Continue Reading →

I feel the Heartbleed Under My Feet…

I feel the Heartbleed under my feet… I feel the Sky tum-b-ling down, tum-b-ling down! OK maybe not the exact words. But it’s true, with all the talk about Heartbleeds, it certainly might seem like the world is falling around… Continue Reading →

Push, Pull, Push, Pull

. I want to discuss today the importance of developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that encompasses a complete push and pull strategy. What the heck are you talking about Beth? Let’s say all you did when you created content… Continue Reading →

Forgetting how to blog

Have you ever stepped away from your blog for longer than a week and wondered how you were ever going to be able to get back to producing another piece of content ever again? It is easy done. We all… Continue Reading →

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